Our Mission

SupplyHound is automating the procurement process for professional builders and their suppliers.

Every year professional builders in the U.S. waste an estimated 2 billion hours sourcing and acquiring the raw materials necessary to do their jobs. The companies supplying these materials also face painful inefficiencies, often buried in data entry and juggling fragmented communication.

SupplyHound is on a mission to improve the $10 trillion/year construction market by becoming the preferred operating system connecting builders and suppliers by streamlining workflows for processing orders and fulfilling delivery. We verified early product/market fit by creating an app-based on-demand logistics service and have a strong user base actively using our products in two markets, all without any formal sales or marketing. We recently raised our first round of institutional capital to help grow our team and accelerate growth.

Our Culture

We are a small team so as we expand our culture will inevitably develop and grow through the addition of new hires. That said, there are some key principles that we are aiming to hold onto throughout this journey and that we look for in new hires:

We are looking for smart, kind folks like yourself to join us on this journey, bringing unique perspectives and ideas and helping to make SupplyHound a joyful, exciting place to work.


The Opportunity

We are hiring Sr. Software Engineers to help develop SupplyHound’s ordering and logistics functionality. This role will work closely with the CEO to interpret what the product needs, consider the tradeoffs of each approach, and then architect the solution. Joining at this early stage will enable you to have a huge impact on the direction of the codebase as it matures and grows.

The CEO, Jim Margolis, is based out of Mill Valley, CA, but we are a distributed team, welcoming applicants from anywhere within the U.S. or Canada.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails and Typescript + React. While it’d be great for candidates to have experience with one or more of these technologies, our priority is hiring smart, curious folks who learn quickly and are down to own complex initiatives from start to finish. The majority of work on our near term roadmap will lean toward backend work, but our ideal candidate is game to work on either side of the BE/FE divide as needed in these early, scrappy days.