What problem are we solving?

Every year professional builders in the U.S. waste an estimated 2bn hours sourcing and acquiring the raw materials necessary to do their jobs. The companies supplying these materials also face painful inefficiencies, often buried in data entry and juggling fragmented communication.

How are we solving it?

SupplyHound is building the operating system connecting builders and suppliers by streamlining workflows for processing orders, fulfilling delivery and tightening relationships.

Why should you join?

We are a small, scrappy team looking to change the world of construction for the better, while holding to some key principles:

We are looking for smart, kind folks like yourself to join us on this journey, bringing unique perspectives and ideas and helping to make SupplyHound a joyful, exciting place to work. If that sounds appealing to you, apply to one of our open roles below!

Open Roles

Sr. Software Engineer

Product Designer

Product Manager